MTN unveil New 100% Dealzone Data N2000 for 9GB.

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This is what we call a worthy data plan. A worthy data plan is a plan that gives you 100% value of what you pay for.

MTN unveil this plan this week at the Africa's Biggest tech event in Lagos-Nigeria by TechPlus Normally, 3.5GB data goes for N2000 ; but this time, MTN at TechPlus applied the multipliers effect that gives you 7GB of data for just N2000. I know you love it when you get big data for lesser amount. This is exactly 100% bonus. It is a new plan, a new deal for those who think they value the use of data. Mtn%2Btechplus.png
Will it Work on My Device? Yes, it will work on all eligible devices including the un- repented Symbian phones.

How Can I Get This Plan? >>Load N2000 on your MTN line >>Send 2016 to 131 and you'll receive a message that you have been credited with 7GB on Tech+ 100% Dealzone.

But do you know what…. You can even get upto 9GB with your N2000 … Ask me How? It is pretty simple. MTN is currently on weekend promo called WowWeekend . This is how wow weekend works, when you recharge any amount, you get free data e.g, when you recharge N200, you get free 100MB. When you recharge N500 and above, you get free 1GB.

Load your line with MTN airtime of N2,000 and you’ll get free 2GB usable only from Friday to Sunday. You can then use your N2000 to get 7GB of data making it 9GB.

It is time to choose which network is your best when it comes to data.

How to Hack any website using Android app called DroidSql.

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Hacking with SQL Injection full Tutorial (Manual)

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New Airtel Browsing data for Heavy Downloader.

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New Infinix Hot S Spec (Images)

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Pre-order for yours exclusive from :

You are highly Invited to the 2016 Convection.

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How to get index on Google Search with this Steps.

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New Airtel Free Browsing Cheats.

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Makes Monetise with direct URL link from Adcash.

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Whatsapp Voice Call being the hottest in Town with over 100million user using it.

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