Makes Monetise with direct URL link from Adcash.

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Direct Link Monetization For Publishers What is Direct Link monetization? Most of the time monetizing a website involves pasting a piece of code into a an area of your page where you want an ad to appear. The code contains information that is communicated to an ad server, that then sends an appropriate image into that location. Then, if a user clicks on the ad, they get sent to the appropriate landing page. What if you do have a website, but the creatives provided don’t work well with your site’s layout or style? Thats where direct link monetization, or just “direct”, comes to the rescue. A direct link is, as the name implies, just a link. It still leverages the same ad optimization technology that sits at the heart of the Adcash platform, but it just skips out the “creative selection” element as it doesn’t display an ad banner. When a user clicks on the link, whether it’s within some text or behind a creative that you have made yourself, the Adcash adserver automatically selects the best campaign landing page for them to reach, so you’re always make as much money as possible. As a publisher, you’re free to place that link virtually anywhere you want, allowing you to monetize almost any kind of traffic you can possibly imagine; social media, comments sections, forums, free file hosting sites. Advantages of using direct links Monetize virtually any kind of traffic (providing it complies with the Adcash terms and conditions). Monetize almost any element of your site. Create your own eye-catching creatives that perfectly suit your own site. Easily combine them with other ad units from other ad networks, even Google Adsense. Totally cross-platform compatible – mobile web, in-app and desktop friendly. If you’re buying traffic, you can send it directly to our direct link. Combine it with our Custom URL feature or a link shortener to use a URL of your choice. Direct Link in Action How to use direct links and best placement In order to really make the most of direct links on your website, you need to get the best click through rate. How you go about this is very much up to you and can vary depending on the type of site you have or the traffic you want to monetize, but here’s a few ideas you may be able to put into action on your own site. Call to action buttons If you have a site that contains software downloads, videos or other similar types of content, you can add your direct link to that button so that when a visitor clicks on it the site-under add opens behind the page as they are taken to the download / page. Interstitial ad You can also use the direct link to make ads appear on “interstitial” pages – pages that appear as the user makes their way from one page to another. The same principle also applies to lightboxes and full screen ads. JavaScript popunder For more advanced users, if you have your own technological ad solution, like for example, JavaScript pop under, our direct link solution is compatible. Creating a direct link on the Adcash Publisher Platform Creating a Direct Link monetization URL on the Adcash Publisher Platform is super-simple. After logging in to your Adcash Publisher account, select the Zones tab, then click Create new zone. First, select a site from the list (the link you create doesn’t need to be used on that site though). Then select the Site Under ad format. Finally select the Direct Link option. The system will then create a Direct URL for you. You can also choose between http or https, depending on your needs or personal preference. If you want to make changes after you’ve setup your Direct link, you can find it in your Zones list.

Whatsapp Voice Call being the hottest in Town with over 100million user using it.

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ThumbnailWhatsApp has kidnaped us all for a ransom we can’t pay, hence almost no freedom. The Facebook social network boasts over a billion user base. It is one addiction which we are proud of, and coming online on WhatsApp daily is as regular as the sun paddling across the skies from the east every morning. , WhatsApp has actually been a bomb This time... [Read More]

Latest in Town: Whatsapp Head Chat App like Facebook messenger.

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ThumbnailHi friends, Today I will tell you How to Enable Whatsapp chat heads in yor mobile (without Root), Like Facebook Messenger app ? You can Read all incoming Messages without Opening Whatsapp with this app. This is the one of the Best App, Name as Dashdow, for Enable Chat Heads in your Whatsapp without rooting your Phone. So simply Enjoy... [Read More]

How to Repair any Corrupted SD card.

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If you have a corrupt or damaged memory card which you tried to format and it keeps replying you with WINDOWS CAN’T FORMAT DISK and you wish to repair it, kindly follow the following steps:- Image Insert the corrupted memory card into a card reader, and then connect the card reader to the computer. Open RUN on your computer (to... [Read More]

Whatsapp New Version with Auto-Responder UI

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Are you sometimes not next to your phone, but want to reply your WhatsApp messages? Whatsapp Auto Responder does this job for you. It will automatically respond to predefined messages, which contain some words or equal a message. You can set custom responses for different messages. Also called "WA Chat Bot". This app is NOT affiliated with WhatsApp. It's an... [Read More]

Airtel free browsing exclusively brought to you by Maltina.

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After an awful long period, the free browsing deadlock has been broken. And now, I present Airtel unlimited browsing which is courtesy of webpass and maltina!Maltina? I guess you're shocked, what has maltina got to do with internet/browsingJust keep reading.We'll enjoy this airtel unlimited & free browsing like I said earlier usingAirtel Maltina Webpass. I'll save the explanation for another... [Read More]


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ThumbnailMtn is Back Again, I wount call this a Cheat because, Cheats are usually Long but this is incredibly Short.Click Here to Read More About usSo why be In a hurry, Tell us what You feel About our Blog!Are we treating You Fine?Are our Post really helping?How To Activate Mtn Quick WinD 500mb for N100To activate pls dial*446*11*4*7*5#.That's the End... [Read More]


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16 NABTEB CIVIC EDUCATION OBJ AND THEORY ANSIF YOU ARE ON MOBILE DEVICE WATCH VIDEO BELOWCIVIC EDUCATION1-10: DADCBCDCDB11-20: ADCBCBDBCB21-30: DDCABb@dDC31-40: CACDCABBBC41-50: Db@dBDBCCA===========THEORY1a)human rights are expectations or things desire tobe enjoyed by individual citizen of a particularcountry.(1b)(i)right to vote(ii)freedom of expression(iii)right to justice and for heading(iv)freedom of association(v)freedom of religion(vi)freedom from discrimination-right to vote and be voted for: every citizen whohave... [Read More]

Wizkid is the 12th Best Performing Artist on iTunes/ Spotify Global Artist ranking.

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ThumbnailWizkid‘s ‘One Dance ‘ with Drake and Kyla is currently number two on the Billboard Hot 100 and it can only get better after that! On the iTunes and Spotify Global Artist ranking, Wizkid is the 11th best Performing artist! The singer comes in after an American DJ duo, The Chainsmokers who occupy the number 10 spot. Drake, Beyonce and... [Read More]

Mother Of Autistic Child To Google: Google Gifted My Child.

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ThumbnailI spend a lot of time here complaining about Google, the search results, their penalties, their issues and so forth. But Google does a ton of good. Can you imagine living without search? Nope. This morning, I saw this heart warming message from a mother of a severely Autistic 15 year old girl in the Google Web Search Help forums.... [Read More]